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Spaceway Favorites Bundle

2x 16 oz cans of Oh My Darling Banana Bread Beer 
2x 16 oz can of Agent 7 Cream Ale 

Stepping into the spotlight we have Spaceway Brewing...

RTJ is pleased to offer you a selection of our favorites from a frequent collaborator, Spaceway Brewing. 

We're very excited to offer this bundle of two amazing beers from Spaceway:

Oh My Darling Banana Bread Beer - 5.4% ABV 
Classic Altbier with a big twist of banana to compliment the caramel and toasted walnut notes coming through from the malt. 

Agent 7 Cream Ale - 5.8% ABV 
Spaceway doesn't miss...and neither does Agent 7! This beer is a perfect crusher. It's light with subtle malt sweetness and tastes exactly like a beer should.