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Get It Dry Hopped Blonde

Brewed in collaboration with Canada's Collective Arts Brewing, GET IT is an easy drinking Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale, created to be the ultimate refreshing beer. Bright yellow haze in appearance, with a subtle but present dry-hop of Citra and Enigma hops puts a tropical fruit and citrusy twist on a clean blonde ale.

We first teamed up this summer on an initial batch of GET IT to accompany RTJ’s 2 sold out shows with Rage Against the Machine at Toronto’s Scotia Bank arena, plus RTJ's special appearance at Toronto’s Festival of Beer. We were also really proud to have GET IT be a part of the launch of BaRTJ as well, and the results spoke for themselves. GET IT sold out in less than 2 hours and we worked as fast as we could to replenish supply. You can also pick up a t-shirt featuring ace artwork by Blumoo, and an RTJ beer glass while you’re here. Cheers!