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Welcome Jewel Runners & beer lovers. BaRTJ is officially open for business.

We’re excited to serve you right with beer, beverages & accessories for online ordering & delivery to 45 states.

36" Chain

Double Pilsner w/ Fonio • 6.4% ABV

Introducing 36” Chain, the latest brew to be run by your favorite crafty rappers. This time we teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery and their legendary brewmaster Garrett Oliver, who delivered the magic with this cracking double pilsner. Made with fonio, an ancient West African grain renowned for its resilience and unique flavor (just like us!), this 36” Chain sports golden notes of lychee with light honey, an assertively crisp finish. It also pairs well with some of this pair's favorites, like bagels, lemon pepper wings, cheesy grits, burgers & fries and loud music.

36" Chain Bundle

Each bundle includes:

• 1 RTJ x Brooklyn Brewery 16 oz pint glass

• 1 RTJ x Brooklyn Brewery trucker hat 

• 4-pack 36" Chain Double Pilsner

RTJ Rastal Master Craft Beer Glass

16oz glass featuring RTJ logos and RTJ logo etched in bottom of glass for nucleation 

Get It

Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale • 5.0% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Canada's Collective Arts Brewing, GET IT is an easy drinking Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale, created to be the ultimate refreshing beer. Bright yellow haze in appearance, with a subtle but present dry-hop of Citra and Enigma hops puts a tropical fruit and citrusy twist on a clean blonde ale.


For the past 5 years we’ve been hard at work making premium craft beer with partners across the US & the world for our fans & beer lovers alike. It’s been an amazing journey of drink, discovery & development for our thirsty aspirations, and now we’re pleased to offer online distribution as well to spread more RTJ cheer & beer.

Watch this space for new brews, reboots of past collaborations, and much more.

Run ‘em…